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eShop sites, software solutions and web sites

e-Shop solutions
Web stores

Our e-commerce solutions operate reliably and are intuitive to work with. We emphasize that the front end loads quickly, since today's Internet user does not want to wait but simply bypasses the slow sites.

Backend (CMS software) is also easy to use and allows fast and easy maintenance, as well as keeping track of your e-commerce system.

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Software services
Software solutions

Software and web sites we create are based on the latest web technologies. Information systems can be accessed through the "thin clients" (any web browser) which allows easy installation, maintenance and improvement.

We use Bootstrap responsive CSS framework for the user interface on mobile devices, developed by Twitter.

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Web design services
Web site development

We create reliable and secure web sites, with the possibility of enhancing the already existing product.

Whether you need a static or dynamic web site, we guarantee fast and efficient production, intuitive CMS (Content Management System) and the latest technology in web development projects.

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