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SEO - Search Engine Optimization is now an integral part of planning a web presence. SEO itself is, like the whole internet, very dynamic area, whose rules are changing from month to month. These rules are often a closely guarded secret by the teams of the largest Internet search company, primarily Google, and other search engines such as Microsoft Bing, specialized search services (eg Facebook's service), and similar.

A prerequisite for a good SEO is to fulfill the basic technical requirements, and that is what we guarantee you. The precise structure of the site, respecting W3C standards in developing the web site, using HTML5 Microdata and RDFa tags for Google readable description of the contents of the web site are the basic principles of our work. Of course, the most important thing in SEO is the actual content of the web site, which should be interesting, up to date, and is primarily suited to the readers or visitors.

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